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Our itinerary library is crowdsourced from your most enthusiastic travel peers

How it all began

While planning a trip to Portugal after graduating Booth, I asked friends for tips on where to go.  I was blown away by replies from friends who had taken a similar trips. I was flooded with organized itineraries documenting secret coves to check out in the Algarve, a rooftop bar in Porto with amazing Port & Tonics, a can’t miss AirBNB to stay at in the Douro valley on a vineyard, and the trick to booking a reservation at a 10-seat restaurant in Lisbon that otherwise would be off-limits. I planned the trip in less than an hour with a few google docs shared with friends.  

Trip planners too often miss out on this valuable information.
We created Pathi to create a social forum for avid travelers to gain access to coveted travel notes from their peers that otherwise would be locked away in the inboxes.  Pathi has aggregated itineraries and recommendations that travelers want to pass along. Now you can share in experienced travelers experiences, can follow in their footsteps, and learn from their mistakes.  What pad thai stand can you absolutely not miss in Bangkok.  What day-trip is not worth the time and hassle involved if you only have limited time?

Trip planners can search by destination, length of trip, and type of travel.  Whether you are planning a romantic honeymoon to hawaii, solo backpack through Thailand, or need to coordinate a springbreak trip with 10 of your classmates through Japan we have notes from people who have been there and done that.  


"Trip planners too often miss out on this valuable information."

- Ben Bronson
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Aim for the future

Pathi has created a new alternative for trip planners.  Forget the blogs, guidebooks, and trip advisor to pick the best lunch spot.  Connect with friends that have already paved the path for you. Their recommendations are filled with intimate knowledge of the destination that goes beyond a 5 star rating.   You aren’t going to find authentic restaurants, hidden beaches, and secret clubs by reading trip advisor.  You need to connect with friends.

Traveling is a communal experience. One that is most enjoyed when you share in experiences with others. The process of sharing with fellow travelers is common courtesy while on the road. Whether it is sharing a meal, a seat on the train, or sharing your travel notes. But you shouldn’t have to be in the lobby of a hostel to hear what museums are worth your time and which to skip. Pathi brings these most intimate conversations to you remotely.

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